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Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL

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Thermostat Replacement Burbank Il

Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL

When it’s time for Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL

The thermostat in your home serves as a direct means of communication with its heating and cooling system. Its main function is to ensure that the environment in your home is both comfortable and safe.

As the fall and winter seasons approach rapidly, having a reliable thermostat is critical for keeping your home at your preferred temperature settings.

As we get through the cold months of the year, the last challenge any homeowner wants is a thermostat that malfunctions or breaks down. An Illinois winter season means chilly temperatures, so waking up to a failing thermostat is not an enjoyable way of spending the holidays.

Signs you’re probably due for Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL:

-Heating and cooling system does not switch off, or continually switches on and off (short cycling).
-The unit’s temperature display reading is not correct.
-Recent fluctuations in your household energy bills.
-Frequent changes in temperature.
-Your thermostat is more than ten years old.

Knowing when the time is right for Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL can be tricky at first. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to replace the unit if it is repairable. Or, you wouldn’t want to fix the thermostat only to see it malfunction again within a couple days.

Our knowledgeable HVAC service technicians know the frustration and are ready to offer some useful recommendations. With the benefit of our customers always in mind, here we present some information on common signs your home needs Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL:

-Heating and cooling system improperly turns on and off.

Your thermostat’s central function is to provide instruction to your home’s comfort system. If your furnace or air conditioner is not receiving the information it needs from the thermostat, replacement may be necessary.

The wiring in thermostats can become damaged and start to fray, which compromises its connections to the components of the HVAC system.

-Your thermostat’s readings are faulty. When a thermostat registers inaccurate temperatures, it’s a clear sign it’s probably at the end of its service life.
An indoor, transportable thermometer can be useful for testing your thermostat’s readings to verify their accuracy.

-The sensors in a thermostat can start to malfunction due to misuse, age or simply because of manufactugring defects.

A malfunctioning thermostat’ can cause the temperatures in your home to fluctuate often, which indicates it’s time to replace it.

-Energy bills suddenly higher.

-Are you paying a lot more in utilities over the last few months? The cause could very well be your thermostat. When a thermostat is not accurately reading the temperature, it frequently causes the HVAC system to work more. If it cycles several times within an hour or two, it’s consuming more energy than normal and will cause your bills to spike.

-Frequent swings in temperature.

-A thermostat that keeps malfunctioning has a difficult time maintaining a consistent setting and will quickly change the settings without warning. If your central air conditioner has a hard time achieving and sustaining your preferred temperature – even if you lower the setting as a test – you might need a new thermostat.

If this is occurring, be sure to contact us to schedule a service appointment to

-Your thermostat is outdated.

-As with any component of an HVAC system, thermostats eventually age out of their useful service life. Modern thermostats usually have a lifespan of around ten years, but are typically replaced before that to prevent service disruption.

Contact Clucas Mechanical to schedule Thermostat Replacement Burbank IL. We can install a new and efficient thermostat that will have your HVAC system running smoothly again!

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