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Furnace Repair Oak Lawn IL

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Furnace Repair Oak Lawn Il

Ensuring the furnace in your home remains in good condition is naturally a top priority. When winter time comes around and temperatures plummet, the last situation you want to face is a sudden lack of heat. Furnace Repair Oak Lawn IL and routine maintenance is essential for keeping your household comfortable.

The key for any homeowner is identifying the signs of a furnace in need of repair.

-Abnormal odors. Strong, unusual odors coming from your furnace could be a symptom of inefficient combustion. Don’t hesitate to contact us for repair if you are detecting any kind of odor emanating from your furnace or other component of your home heating system.

Furnace Repair Oak Lawn IL

-Gas leak. This is among the top signs that you should immediately schedule Furnace Repair Oak Lawn IL. If you detect the smell of a gas leak it is a problem that calls for service as soon as possible. Also, if you are able to do so, shut off your furnace right away if there is a gas leak.

As a precaution, exit your house until an HVAC professional has located and repair the leak.

-Furnace has trouble starting. Like any large appliance, the older your furnace gets it will steadily require more maintenance. Eventually, it may have difficulty
turning on and maintain your preferred comfort settings.

If it takes several attempts for your furnace to start or you have to restart it frequently during the day, call Clucas Mechanical for service. Many of these common heating challenges can stem from fairly simple things like dirty air filters, faulty indoor AC coils or a problem with the secondary heat exchanger.

It might also be on account of a flame sensor that is dirty and causing the furnace to run intermittently.

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