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Boiler Repair Oak Lawn IL

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Boiler Repair Oak Lawn Il

Boiler Repair Oak Lawn IL

The boiler in your home or business is a critical part of its comfort system. If it stops functioning, it’s a significant problem that calls for solutions as soon as possible. A failing boiler could cause a rise in your utility costs and a decrease in the comfort of your household.

Pay close attention to these common indicators that you should schedule Boiler Repair Oak Lawn IL.

-The boiler is getting unusually noisy. Ordinarily, a boiler in good working order stays relatively quiet. Something is probably wrong if it begins to make loud noises. Whirring, banging and clanging sounds can signal that the fan or pump is worn down and needs replacement.

Alternatively, gurgling or whistling noises can indicate that the water pressure in the unit is getting too low. Or, noises may also warn the boiler is kettling. This happens when salt and other debris collect in the unit’s heat exchanger and the water starts to boil.

A Clucas service technician can inspect your boiler to identify the specific issues causing the noises.

-Unpleasant odors. Leaking carbon monoxide not only impedes the functionality of a boiler— it might also risk health hazards for your household. (Or employees and customers at your business.) A common warning indicator of a carbon monoxide leak is a slightly foul odor.

This odor is not the actual carbon monoxide, but occurs when the boiler is not burning properly. A reliable way of testing for a boiler leak is if its flame looks yellow. When functioning normally, the boiler’s flame is blue. Also, check for dark marks around the casing of the unit.

If you’re detecting any of these warning signs, call for Boiler Repair Oak Lawn IL as soon as you can.

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